9 Lives Show 2019 - Cat Furniture

As a part of the Singapore Design Week (SDW) 2019 Satellite Programme, The 9 Lives Show 2019 showcases the multi-faceted creations of 9 artists whose work reflects the robust and vibrant arts landscape in Singapore.

Our client Trigger Design Studio wanted to create cat furniture, and enlisted our help in producing over 250 pieces of casted plastic joints for the assembly within 2 weeks, just in time for the show. Needless to say, the cats thoroughly enjoyed their time!

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Public Transport Council - Caring SG Commuters Award

The Caring Commuters Award was introduced with the Singapore Kindness Movement, recognising outstanding acts of care from 5 commuters who went out of their way to help a fellow commuter in need.

It takes skills like Digital sculpting, 3D Printing and Spray painting and Model Making to make these a reality, but we handle all those and more seamlessly in house. Just like our Motto, we encourage you to Make a Difference out there, and leave the Making to us!

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NiciGas “Space Hotaru” - Commemorative Gifts

Nippon Gas Co.  (NICIGAS) is now retrofitting its existing gas meters across Japan with a smart makeover. The IoT-based reader called SPACE HOTARU is targeted to be fully in place with 850,000 gas meters to be upgraded. 

Our client UnaBiz commissioned five scaled up models of their revolutionary device, and presented them to the CEOs of the five companies in the partnership; Sigfox, Soracom, NiciGas, UnaBiz, and Kyocera. They each signed on the models as a personal pledge; to the great success of the project!

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Channel News Asia – 3D Scanning of Chinese Artifacts

A stunning collection of over a hundred pieces of Chinese bronze, believed to be from the Shang and Zhou dynasties, have remained hidden for five decades. This documentary traces the mysterious journey of these potentially priceless bronzes from China to Singapore.  

We sat down with our partners at Freeform Solution for days, meticulously scanning these artifacts in a clean environment, painstakingly documenting all the fine details for the experts to study. A priceless treasure haul, or an elaborate scam? Watch the video to find out more!

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Summon this Fire Dragon not only in Summoners War, but also using the powers of 3D printing.


Dark Chimera Zeratu was the result of 3D printing and beautifully painted in acrylic. Now you can have your favourite model for yourself!


This cute mascot materialised into our world via a capture scanner and 3D printing. Hi, Frankie!

Gokai Spear

Originally wielded by the most enthusiastic 6th super sentai member in the (in)famous Gokaiger crew. This replica is commissioned for cosplay.

Gokai Saber

Pirate the weapons of the Gokaiger crew using a “pirating” technology for your cosplay needs. Let’s make this showy!


Star Wars, Lego and 3D Printing. It stands at over 1m. Who says 3D printing can’t do big projects?

Heavy Pulse Rifle replica

Overwatch fans would recognise this as Soldier 76’s weapon. 


Cool name for a cool lipstick dispenser. Watch out for this in your stores!

John Lennon and Yoko Ono Mini Bust

Now you can immortalise your favourite artistes in bust form, just like the classical musicians of old! Want a desktop display? No problem.

Rizal Buttons

Bespoke jewellery is no longer a myth. Browse this gallery and see it for yourself. Let us know when your creative juices are running in overdrive, we’ll be glad to help you turn your ideas into reality!

IBM Tj Bot

Bring your TJ Bot to life with 3D printing and AI code! This is an open source project designed to help you access Watson Services in a fun way.

Goddess of Fortune

This original creation was designed and used in the movie Cai Shen Po. Watched it but missed it? Watch it again.


Customised trophies can be wacky and fun if you wish it to be. Just summon the powers of CAD and 3D printing and you can even create a fun trophy for miscelleanous awards.

3D Printed Lithophane

All you need is a photo. That’s right. You provide the photo, we provide everything else. Makes a pretty display at home.


These unusual crows were a final year project done by Laselle College of the Arts graduate Mirabelle. They impressed the school principal so much that he ordered them. Catch them when you visit Laselle!

Hoverboard Concept

Design, prototypes and 3D printing go very well together, as evidenced in this hoverboard concept.

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