Our works in the media

Star Wars Mega Lego Stormtrooper

This 80cm scale model of a Lego Stormtrooper was where everything really started for Legion Productions. It was the first large model that we handled when we were still new, and we really made many poor choices during the process. Nonetheless it was completed, and now stands proudly as a one and only statue in Adrian’s home showroom.

You can schedule a visit to their showroom at their Facebook page below:

Companies that enjoy our work

As designers, our favourite clients to work with are obviously other creatives. Wai Lim from Trigger Design, Louis from Six Scales, and Barry from Oxti Corp are great examples of people who we enjoy working with, as much as they enjoy our work.

From producing hundreds of joints for cat furniture, limited runs of military models, to frequent rapid protoypes of the latest designs, we’ve got it all covered. Get in touch with Trigger Design, Six Scales Model Maker and Oxti Corp here:

Covid-19 Mahjong Table Concept

During the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker measures in Singapore in April and May 2020, many mahjong lovers were grumbling that they couldn’t get their fix of mahjong. Our design partner Royston Phang, joked about the concept of a shielded, socially distant mahjong table. Jokes lead to a sketch and render on his Facebook page, which picked up traction and eventually landed in the eyes of Mediacorp’s Channel 8. 

One Friday all-nighter later, we built a scale model of the mahjong table ready for the interview by the media! Read up more about Royston and schedule a consultation on his website here:

Singapore Political Legends Chess Set

2020 was a heated year for Singapore as the deadline for the General Elections loomed with Covid-19 wreaking havoc daily. Many creatives were out of work, and our client Clarence felt a need to make a difference. Clarence is an avid chess set collector, so he approached us with the idea to create a chess set featuring the prominent politicians of Singapore.

The chess sets feature a concrete with terrazzo tiles board, 3D printed pieces which are handpainted by local artists. Purchase your own Political Legends Chess Set here:


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